Vegekari skin, hair

Vegekari skin, hair
Vegekari skin, hair
Vegekari skin, hair
Vegekari skin, hair

Vegekari skin, hair

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Skin and coat health support

It is a "functional vegetable snack" that supplements the nutrients that tend to be lacking in the diet considering the health maintenance of pets.
Propolis with high beauty effects, high lycopene tomatoes rich in vitamin E, and parsley, which contains top level amounts of vitamin C and β-carotene among vegetables, are blended in a well-balanced manner to support beauty and health.
Based on nutritious sweet potato, only domestic and organic ingredients are used.

■ Propolis is rich in amino acids necessary for beauty and health maintenance ■ Activated lactic acid (CPL)
Absorbs odors and eliminates stool odor Tomatoes contain high lycopene for beauty and health maintenance Parsley is known as the “king of green and yellow vegetables” and has high nutritional value among vegetables

For those with sensitive skin and lack of luster

【raw materials】
Sweet potato paste (domestic), rice flour (domestic), virgin coconut oil, tomato powder (domestic), parsley (domestic), propolis, vitamin B group derivatives (B1, 2, 6, 12, 3.5)
CPL green tea extract

[Target age]
For all ages [Salary guideline]
body weight
5 kg or less 2
10 kg or less 5
20 kg or less 8
30 kg or less 10

Internal capacity 40g
Precautions for use・It is a snack for pets. Please do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
・If you have an allergy, please check the raw materials before giving.
・The rare black or white spots are derived from raw materials and are not foreign substances.
・Do not store in direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
・Please refrain from using if it does not suit your constitution.
・Keep out of reach of infants and children.
・Some snacks are broken. note that.
・The color of the snacks is the original color of the vegetables, so there may be variations in color.
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