Premium human grade raw food

We directly manage the product from purchase to delivery to the customer.
We promise that your beloved pet will be able to safely enjoy high-quality meat that combines taste, quality, and freshness at home.

Pet lifestyles are changing year by year.
With advances in medical care and improvements in the quality of food and treats, the lifespan of pets has been greatly extended, and the causes of death in dogs and cats have changed. rice field.
Pet-Cool has supported the daily health of pets by promoting daily skin care so that their beloved pets can stay healthy every day.
From now on, I would like to strive to support my health through my diet. ] will be delivered.

Why do we need raw meat?

Dogs, which were originally carnivores, have become omnivores that eat grains and vegetables while living with humans, but it is the most natural thing for dogs, whose ancestors are wolves, to eat raw meat.
Raw meat contains nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins that are vulnerable to overheating, and by cooking it raw or at a low temperature, you can take in all the necessary vitamins and enzymes*. .

  • * There are three types of enzymes: "digestive enzymes" and "metabolic enzymes" that exist in the body, and "food enzymes" that must be taken in from food.
    Endogenous enzymes, also called latent enzymes, are essential for the survival of living organisms.
  • *If you suddenly switch to eating raw meat, you may get an upset stomach. When giving, give a small amount little by little to see how it looks.

how to give

mince block

Take out one piece in advance, wrap it in plastic wrap and defrost it in the refrigerator.

After defrosting, top it raw, or if you want to add heat, pour hot water, or put a little water in a container and heat it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. The soup stock also contains nutrients, so please give it together.

When topping on rice, give 1 piece per day for small dogs and cats up to 10 kg , 2 pieces per day for medium dogs up to 20 kg , and 3 pieces per day for large dogs.


After defrosting, give 1/2 a day for small dogs and cats up to 10 kg , 1 for medium dogs up to 20 kg , and 1 and a half for large dogs.

* Please give the meat after thawing within 2 to 3 days.

    Preservation method

    Since it is shipped as a frozen product, please store it in a freezer (below -20°C) as soon as it arrives.

    Select by [life stage]

    • Puppy (dog), Kiton (cat)

    Brand beef / Amakusa daioh / deer / crocodile

    • adult

    Kumamoto horse meat / lamb / kangaroo / emu

    • Senior

    Brand pork / aigamo / wild boar / offal MIX

    Select by [health condition]

    • I'm worried about my eyes

    Amakusa daioh / aigamo / offal MIX

    • I'm worried about my legs

    Kumamoto horse meat / Amakusa daioh

    • I'm worried about my weight

    Ram / Deer / Kangaroo / Emu

    • Concerned about skin and coat

    Kumamoto horse meat / Branded pork / Aigamo duck / Wild boar / Crocodile

    • Get tired easily

    Brand pork / Kumamoto horse meat / wild boar