Bean Essence

Odorless with natural ingredients.
Guard spray for walking.

Grain extract = soybean ingredient. There is a feature to protect yourself from bacteria and viruses in the process of growing soybean sprouts. Firmly guarded by its ingredients. It also contains chitosan, which has antibacterial properties.

Just spray it all over your body and let it soak in! Spray on sofas, carpets, carry bags, carts, and more! For UV care and brushing!

Do not use on pets with or signs of grain allergies.
*Please consult your veterinarian before using on pets with allergies.


no smell For children who don't like herbs.
Safe to lick No chemicals are used.
Gentle on your skin Natural silk protein moisturizes your skin.
Can be used on face It is oil-free and can be used on the face as well.

It has excellent absorbency and permeability, and forms a protective film on the skin and fur. Moisturizes the skin and leads to a glossy and smooth coat. The finish is like a rinse.

Check how to use in the video