How to use in salon

Body care

It thoroughly removes dirt with its penetrating power, detergency, and emulsifying effect.

For long-haired and double-coated puppies that don't dry out easily...
When drying with a hair dryer after shampooing, spray evenly all over the body.
It dries faster due to its penetrating and emulsifying effects.

babies with sensitive skin, etc.
For skin care after shampooing...

Spray it on the part you care about and wipe it off after letting it soak in. It removes shampoo residues (surfactants, etc.) and restores the neutrality of the skin, which is too acidic, to keep the skin healthy.

Children who need to wash twice,
When dirt is hard to come off...

Mix an appropriate amount (10ml ~ 30ml) with shampoo.
The fineness of the particles increases foaming and removes dirt that is difficult to remove.

For ear and anal line care...
For ear cleaning/put it directly or put it on a cotton pad and wipe it off.
It is also ideal for aftercare for anal gland squeezing.
Quick Dry

Silk & Collagen

Repairs the skin coat with two types of special proteins.

For dandruff, dry skin, sensitive skin...
After shampooing, apply all over to nourish and moisturize your skin, keeping it healthy.

Static electricity, dry hair,
For hair protection from the heat of the dryer...

Two types of special protein ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) work to repair the skin and hair by spraying it all over before using the dryer. In addition, the protective film of silk protein protects the skin and hair from the heat of the dryer.

When blowing the coat...
The hair that has been twisted during cutting will stand up better, making it easier to blow and cut.
Mix an appropriate amount (10ml ~ 30ml) with your treatment.
The firmness and special protein ingredients lead to a higher-grade finish.

Virus & Smell

Next generation deodorant. Odorless, tasteless, non-bleaching, non-corrosive, with reliable disinfecting and deodorizing power.

As a disinfecting deodorant for trimming tables...
It is replaced many times a day, and it is a place where dogs and cats ride, so it is good for bacteria and viruses as hygiene management.

Due to its alkalinity, even metals do not rust and are friendly to objects...
Just like the table, it is also used as a disinfectant and deodorant for kennels, as it is said to be the most disinfected place in a day, so it is suitable for cleaning.

For staff virus countermeasures...
Please use with confidence rather than alcohol disinfection or strong chlorine.

Put it in a humidifier to disinfect the air...
Especially in the first morning, the room is dry, so the virus is active.
By putting it in a humidifier, you can easily disinfect and deodorize your living space.

organic shea butter

Odorless and non-sticky, it quickly penetrates and moisturizes.

For a meat ball massage...
Take a small amount and gently massage the paws.
Moisturizes and protects dry, cracked and dull paws.

To a child who loses clippers...
It can also be used for care after clippers such as foot clippers.

For itching due to dryness in the winter dry season...
Also use as an aftercare for dry skin.

Breath Care

Maintain a healthy oral environment with natural zeolite, CPLL.

To the toothpaste course...
With its high detergency, you can brush your teeth with a professional, which you can't do at home.
Spray on a toothbrush or gauze and polish. Very fine zeolite particles work to gently remove dirt that adheres. It is safe because it does not damage the enamel of your teeth.
In addition, active lactic acid CPL works on oral bacteria.

Natural dog bath

Using the finest white silk. The best bath time for pets.

Sensitive skin, dry skin, static electricity, dandruff, senior dogs, pollen measures...
How to use * After shampooing thoroughly, use between conditioners 1. Add 50ml of "Natural Dog Bath" to 10L of hot water. * It is OK to apply the undiluted solution directly.
2. Put the pet in the bath and apply it to massage for about 5 to 10 minutes.
3. Finish with conditioner and treatment.
4. When drying, apply "Silk & Collagen" evenly over the entire surface and dry with a hair dryer.
"Natural Dog Bath" is odorless, so it can be used with the recommended aroma oil.
In addition, medicated shampoo has a strong cleaning effect, so the finish may be dry, so it is recommended to use it together.