Virus & Smell

Food additives are the main ingredients, and it is odorless, non-corrosive, and non-bleaching.It removes bacteria and viruses, and deodorizes the odors of your living space.

It is a highly safe water-soluble liquid. Since it is weakly alkaline, it does not oxidize and decompose and does not rust precious metals. No chlorine smell.

Sterilizing and deodorizing fecal odors and urine odors around toilets / Sterilizing and deodorizing dog equipment (slicker brushes, scissors, combs, pin brushes, etc.), cages, toilets, tableware, toys, living spaces / Cleaning dog equipment

Ingredients and features

Chlorine, a food additive, is stabilized in an alkaline aqueous solution, and disinfects bacteria, viruses, and bacteria by contacting them. In addition, it is extremely safe because it does not generate trihalomethanes, which are carcinogenic substances, and does not generate resistant bacteria. It is tasteless, odorless, non-volatile, non-bleaching, non-corrosive and harmless.
Safe and highly concentrated free chlorine reacts directly with the concentration of bacteria, viruses and odors. In addition, since it is a water-soluble liquid, it can be applied to many materials.

Safety test

■ Mouse acute toxicity test (oral) No abnormality
■ Mouse topical irritation test (ocular mucosa) No abnormality
■ Mouse topical irritation test (skin) No abnormality

Executing Agency Tokyo Food Research Institute

Differences between chlorine-based deodorants

Stable complex chlorine Hypochlorite Mizusei chlorine dioxide pure chlorine dioxide
Sterilization effect
antiviral effect
Bleaching almost none strong almost none strong
corrosive almost none strong almost none strong
odor almost none strong almost none strong
safety By-product *
do not make
make a by-product does not produce by-products does not produce by-products

*By-products: carcinogenic substances, etc.

Check how to use in the video

To care for dog equipment

For dog equipment that you don't usually care for. The dog equipment will never rust.

Dog equipment → scissors / slicker / hair clipper / comb / pin brush / trimming table etc.

to the humidifier

Can be used in a humidifier as it does not rust.

*Ultrasonic humidifier is recommended.

for laundry

It has no bleaching action, so you can add about 10cc to the selected rinse, or spray it directly on the clothes to wash them to remove stubborn stains and odors.

For various odors and bacteria in your living space! !

Virus & Smell is a highly safe water-soluble liquid and weakly alkaline. You can use it with confidence in every scene.