Frequently Asked Questions

Body Care FAQ

Made with a special formula to maintain pH. Of course I don't use drugs.

If you use a machine that makes alkaline ionized water with a pH of around 11, you can see the same effect as "Pet-Cool", but since the pH starts to drop when it comes into contact with the air, it cannot maintain its alkaline properties.
"Pet-Cool" maintains its properties for one year after opening because the pH does not easily drop even when exposed to air. In addition, because it is electrolyzed by a unique special method, it cannot be made by others.

Many alkaline products usually use enzymes and surfactants to maintain pH, and this can cause skin irritation. "Pet-Cool" does not use any of these chemicals, so it is safe for skin. There is no problem because it is just water that has alkaline properties.

Using them together will be more effective. "Pet-Cool" has the property of forming a film even after it dries, so it washes away excess substances on the surface, especially chemicals such as surfactants, and forms a protective film on the surface. Wipe off after use.

"Pet-Cool" is highly permeable and may draw alcohol odors from alcohol-sterilized spray nozzles. If you are concerned about it, just spray the first few squirts into the air and the odor will disappear.

It is mainly composed of sodium ions and contains a lot of minerals, so it is harmless.
Shake the bottle to dissolve in water.

Due to its strong alkalinity, if it is given in large quantities, it may cause diarrhea or upset stomach.
When using for drinking, we recommend about 1 spray for drinking water (100g).

Since it is non-irritating, it can be safely used by dogs and cats under the age of 10 or over the age of 10. Especially recommended for cleaning dogs and cats during vaccination.

Negative ions of alkali act on positive ions of dust and dirt, demonstrating excellent detergency. It is also safe for the skin because it only has alkaline properties.

Silk & Collagen Frequently Asked Questions

"BodyCare" is a skin care product that is mainly used to remove dirt around the eyes, inside the ears, and on the feet. "Silk & Collagen" is a brushing specialist → Please think of it as a brushing and dry skin countermeasure.

You need to keep your skin in good condition. First of all, use BodyCare to keep it clean. After that, it is important to moisturize and nourish.
So you need silk protein and marine collagen. Moisturizers that use oil can be too sticky and worsen the skin condition. Silk & Collagen is non-oil, so it's perfect for keeping your skin in good condition by moisturizing and moisturizing without stickiness.

"Silk & Collagen" can remove dirt to some extent, but we recommend that you use it only as a brushing agent for hair and skin. Please use "BodyCare" to remove dirt.

Since it is a pure natural ingredient, there is no irritation at all. Developed for use on delicate skin.

It can be used from puppies and cats to senior dogs and cats. It contains only pure natural ingredients and does not contain highly irritating chemicals.

Natural chitosan is extracted from crab shells, etc., and has a sterilizing effect.
Grain extract is extracted from soybeans and has antiseptic effect.

Bean Essence FAQ

The breed and age of dogs are irrelevant. Safe for all breeds of dogs and cats of all ages.

"BodyCare" will wash away the effect, so it cannot be used together. Please use after using "Body Care".

Virus & Smell FAQ

High-concentration free chlorine instantly decomposes the source of bad odors, sterilizes and eliminates odors. After disinfecting and deodorizing, it will return to water, so it will not last.

It returns to water when it comes into contact with organic matter such as your skin or mouth, so there is no problem with safety.

General hypochlorous acid is acidic, so it oxidizes and decomposes proteins. In addition, the bleaching action and pigments are oxidatively decomposed, which corrodes precious metals. Stable complex chlorine is alkaline, so it has no corrosive or bleaching action. Safe to use for precious metals.

Sodium hypochlorite (designated additive 139 named antiformin in aqueous solution)
Caustic soda (also known as sodium hydroxide designated additive 184)
Soda carbonate (also known as sodium hydrogen carbonate designated additive 197)
It is an ingredient designated as a food additive. Moreover, the amount of ingredients used is less than the amount of chlorine in tap water.

Frequently Asked Questions about Organic Shea Butter

No problem. Chemicals and preservatives free.
Ingredients are made from domestic plant extracts such as shea butter, herbs, and medicinal herbs.

It depends on the dog breed, but if you want to protect the paws after a walk or use it on sensitive skin such as itchiness, once or twice a day on areas of concern is enough.
10g size is 2 months for small dogs, 1 month to 1 and a half months for medium and large dogs.

Take a small amount on your finger and apply gently.
It spreads well, so we recommend that you use it little by little.

It will be half a year at room temperature after opening.
*Avoid storing in high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.
*Be sure to close the cap after use.

We do not use fragrances, but you may feel the smell of the plant extracts used in the raw materials.

There is basically no problem.
However, since it is a towel, please use it after wiping it off.
*No need to dry.

Of course you can use both.

Use BodyCare to remove hard-to-remove dirt/bacteria around the paws and paws after taking a walk .
Then gently apply organic shea butter.

Breath Care FAQ

Plant-derived materials and food materials.

Use 1-2 pushes for small dogs, 2-3 pushes for medium-sized dogs, and 3-4 pushes for large dogs, about twice a day.

No problem. This sour taste is the work of CPL (cyclic polymerized lactic acid).

Vegkari Q&A

Frequently asked questions about supplement cookies

Manufactured with low allergens, flour, dairy products, eggs, etc. are not used.

Please check the raw materials before giving. For puppies with many allergies, please consult your veterinarian before giving.

Depending on the season, the colors of the vegetables may vary slightly.

There is no problem because it will be a natural color.

It's a slightly hard cookie. Please be careful not to swallow.

If you are a senior or have no teeth, you can give it even if you crush it with a crusher.

It depends on your weight. For details, please check the detail page of each product.

After opening, please avoid high temperature and humidity and give it as soon as possible within 1 month in a cool and dark place.

Dogs, cats and small animals can also be eaten. Please divide it into appropriate sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Dried Vegetables

About 1 teaspoon per meal is fine.

Toppings for rice, please. It can be given as is or softened.

We also recommend homemade food ingredients and soups.

Nutrient absorption will be less, but that's okay.

Please adjust the amount to give if you are concerned.

It is made with low allergenicity and does not use flour, dairy products, or eggs.

Please check the raw materials before giving. For puppies with many allergies, please consult your veterinarian before giving them.

After opening, please avoid high temperature and humidity and give it as soon as possible within 1 month in a cool and dark place.

You can eat It will be easier to give if it is soaked or made into soup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Dried Meat

Both Amakusa Daio (chicken) and Kumamoto horse meat (horse meat) are 100%, so if you don't have any allergies, there is no problem.

Because it is a furikake size, it can be used as a topping for snacks and rice, or as a soup by pouring hot water.

After opening, please avoid high temperature and humidity and give it as soon as possible within 1 month.

You can eat However, small animals are only carnivorous.

Raw meat Q&A

Frequently asked questions about blocks

When topping on rice, give 1 piece per day for small dogs and cats up to 10 kg, 2 pieces per day for medium dogs up to 20 kg, and 3 pieces per day for large dogs.

After opening, wrap each one in plastic wrap and store in a freezer bag.

There is a possibility that the amount of salary is large, so please change the day and reduce the amount considerably and see how it goes.

If you don't see much change, please let me know.

After refrigerating and thawing, microwave, heat in hot water, or heat with hot water.

After heating, please give it after cooling a little.

If it is frozen, please give it within half a year, and if it is thawed, please give it within 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

If you only eat raw meat every day, you won't be able to get all the nutritional ingredients, so please adjust it with your usual rice.

Together. I mince it to make it easier to eat and then cube it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Terrine

Small dogs and cats up to 10 kg should be given 1/2 a day, medium dogs up to 20 kg should be given 1 a day, and large dogs should be given 1 and a half a day.

No preservatives are used, so after thawing, store in the refrigerator and give within 2-3 days.

After thawing in the refrigerator, cut it and top it with rice, pour hot water to make it soup-like

Or give it as is.

No flour, eggs or dairy products are used. Contains meat and vegetables

Please check the raw materials before giving.

It is not a comprehensive nutritional food, so please adjust the toppings or once every few days instead of every meal.