Body Care

Electrolyzed water made from 100% natural water. It has excellent penetrating power and is ideal for removing dirt.

With the penetration and emulsification effects of BodyCare, you can get a shampoo-like cleansing effect by removing (penetrating) dirt from deep inside the pores without using chemicals and breaking down (emulsifying) the sebum. increase. Easy to use every day.

For taking care of sensitive skin / For removing dirt around the eyes, eyes and around the mouth / Around the mouth after eating / For removing dirt in the ears and after a walk / Instead of shampoo for young and old dogs / Shampoo For body care afterward

Do not use in the mouth of pets suffering from or showing signs of urinary calculi. Since bodycare uses natural water, it contains magnesium and potassium.
*Please consult your veterinarian before using on pets with allergies.

About the penetration effect

Pet-Cool is "water" that is made by electrolyzing natural water using a special method, and it looks the same as tap water. So, why Pet-Cool is so good at penetrating, I experimented using tea leaves so that you can see it with your own eyes.

In this way, you can see that the tea leaves are soaked in just 10 seconds.
This is the visible effect of Pet-Cool.

Image of penetration effect

Pet-Cool with fine particles penetrates deep into the pores of the skin and removes dirt on the fine parts of the skin and coat.

About peeling cleaning effect

The component of Petcool is [strong alkaline] water (ph12), which is electrolyzed from water pumped up from 40 meters underground in Japan.

By electrolyzing, the water molecules (clusters) are very small and separated, and the affinity (wetness) and permeability are good.

As the water (cluster) becomes very fine, it lifts and removes the dirt in the pores that are usually difficult to remove.

Image diagram comparing clusters under a microscope

Image diagram of peeling and cleaning action

About emulsification effect

I prepared sesame oil and added tap water and Pet-Cool.
Normally, sesame oil and water separate clearly, but sesame oil and Pet-Cool instantly mix and emulsify.

It disperses two types of liquids that do not dissolve each other and emulsifies them into glycerin and fatty acids, and removes sticky dirt with a surfactant effect similar to shampoo.

Point of care

Check how to use in the video