Natural Dog Bath

A bath additive that uses white silk extracted from high-quality domestic cocoons.

Silk protein is sensitive to heat, so using it when bathing will increase its adsorption to the skin and fur. This work leads to a higher-grade finish.

For dry hair/mixed use with shampoo/for itching, dry skin, dandruff, pilling, fraying, static electricity, etc.

Ingredients and features

High-quality silk protein extracted from white silk at room temperature forms a protective film on the skin and coat, protecting it from the outside (such as the heat of a dryer). In addition, since it contains high molecular weight sericin, it suppresses dryness and makes dry hair smooth and glossy.
Static electricity is less likely to occur. It does not contain chemicals, so it is safe even for sensitive skin.

How to use "Firmly bathing the whole body"

■Prepare about 50cc of "Natural Dog Bath" for 10L of hot water.
■After shampooing, apply hot water all over your body while massaging. (Bathing time is about 5 to 10 minutes)
■After that, finish with your usual treatment. When drying, apply "Silk & Collagen" and use a dryer.
*It is recommended to use for 3 consecutive days especially for dogs who are concerned about dry hair.

How to use "Easy to wash the whole body"

■After brushing, wet the entire body and apply the "NaturalDogBath" undiluted solution to the whole body.
■We remove dirts to massage and rinse away dirt last.

How to use "Wash only your feet after a walk"

■Fill a basin with hot water and add 30-50cc of "Natural Dog Bath".
■We drop dirt while massaging. (About 5 to 10 minutes)

Even puppies that are always well cared for will be so dirty after a walk.
It dries quickly and is soft and smooth after washing.