Organic Shea butter

Carefully selected organic shea butter and plant extracts.
Absorbs quickly and retains moisture for a long time.

Protects paws (dry dryness, non-slip) / sensitive skin (itch, dandruff), etc.


Organic shea butter, organic lavender extract, organic hibiscus extract, organic mugwort extract, organic houttuynia cordata extract, organic turmeric extract, organic fig leaf extract, sorbitan olive oil fatty acid, cetearyl olive oil fatty acid, olive oil, beeswax, cyclic polymerized lactic acid (CPL), ethylhexylglycerin, glycerin caprylate, squalane, glycerin


Based on carefully selected organic shea butter, 6 types of organic herbs grown in the great nature of Aso that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used to create an ultra-fine cream using state-of-the-art emulsion technology that does not use chemicals or chemicals. rice field.

The main components of shea butter are stearic acid and oleic acid. Oleic acid is a naturally occurring component in the skin. Oleic acid is easy to adapt to the skin, enabling long-term moisturizing.

It is a top-class organic cream that blends in at body temperature, is smooth and spreads well, and has excellent permeability. You can use it anywhere you want.

What is Cyclopolymerized Lactic Acid CPL?

An abbreviation of Cyclic Poly Lactate, it is an active lactic acid processed food that combines lactic acid in a ring shape. Due to its permeability, it is attracting attention in cosmetics.

Since its discovery in 1982, it is currently attracting attention in the food and beauty industries.

Usage and method

Take a small amount in your hand and gently apply it to the areas of concern.

Please use it for cleaning paws and licking areas.

Example photo/video

Check how to use in the video