Silk & Collagen

Contains silk protein and marine collagen for moisturizing effect.

Formulated with high-quality silk protein (sericin), which is rich in amino acid ingredients. 10 times more moisturizing than collagen! Creates healthy, moisturized skin and beautiful coat. In addition, two types of special proteins moisturize and nourish the skin and fur.

For daily brushing / For dry skin / For dry paws / Anti-static, improve coat and gloss / For pollen countermeasures during walks / Dandruff / Itching

Silk protein (macromolecular protein component)

It has excellent absorbency and permeability, and forms a protective film on the skin and fur. Moisturizes the skin and leads to a glossy and smooth coat. The finish is like a rinse.

Marine collagen (low-molecular-weight protein component)

Marine collagen nourishes the skin and coat. It gives elasticity to the skin and gives elasticity and elasticity to the coat. The finish is like a treatment.

Commitment to silk

About raw materials

Silk uses domestically produced white silk from sterile and pesticide-free breeding. We use groundwater selected as one of the 100 most famous waters. Of course it's domestic. *Also used in Pet-Cool BodyCare. This underground water is poured into the mulberry field, which serves as food for the silkworms, and eats the mulberry leaves that have grown fresh and pure, forming healthy, pure white cocoons. By using this underground water in the silk protein extraction process, we are working to improve the quality of the material.

Silk protein extraction method

Adopts a "normal temperature extraction method" that does not apply heat, which was difficult in the past. This makes it possible to extract high-molecular silk protein, which is a quality that cannot be imitated by other companies. Silk Protein has realized the entire process of aseptic breeding of silkworms and pesticide-free feed making.

Recommended to use ”Body Care” and ”Silk & Collagen” together

Petcool uses a special method to electrolyze natural water to make water molecules finer. Therefore, it has better penetrating power and surfactant power than ordinary water. This lifts and removes dirt that is usually difficult to remove. Of course, chemicals are not used, so you can use it in the same sense as normal water. And silk & collagen is more absorbed and penetrated in a clean state to the back of the pores.

Point of care

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