Company Profile

trade name Bellwoods Co., Ltd.
location 〒150-0002 1-10-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Miyagi Building 4F
TEL 03-5469-7570 FAX 03-5469-7572
Date of establishment May 2006
capital 20 million yen
Business content Sales and development of pet supplies
representative Hiroaki Suzuki
Sales product name "Body Care" "Silk & Collagen" "Bean Essence" "Natural Dog Bath" "Virus & Smell" "Organic Shea butter" "Breath Care" "Vegetable"
Main bank Mizuho Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Corporate history

February 2000
Eichi Building Co., Ltd. was established in Kinuta 6-chome, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo with a capital of 10 million yen.
Established "Pet Division" for the purpose of planning and selling pet products.
March 2001
Started shipment and sales of pet care product "Body Care"
July 2002
Started sales of Body Care "Refill 500ml"
November 2003
Started sales of Body Care "Commercial 5L"
October 2004
Started sales of Silk & Collagen "spray type 120ml"
March 2006
Bean Essence "Spray type 120ml" sales start
Independent from Eichi Building Co., Ltd. Pet Division and established "Bellwoods Co., Ltd."
February 2007
Silk & Collagen "Commercial use 500ml" sales start
February 2008
Started sales of Natural Dog Bath "500ml for commercial use"
Bean Essence "Refill 300ml" sales start
Bean Essence "Commercial use 500ml" sales start
Silk & Collagen "Refill 300ml" sales start
November 2009
Started sales of Virus & Smell "spray type 300ml"
August 2010
Moved head office to Shibuya
April 2013
Started sales of Organic Shea butter "Cream 20g" and "Cream 10g"
March 2014
Started sales of Breath Care "Spray Type 60ml"
April 2017
Established Masterlife HK Limited
April 2017
Began sales of veggie curry
May 2017
Capital increased to 20 million yen

company map

address 〒150-0002 1-10-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Miyagi Building 4F
Transportation facilities JR Line "Shibuya" Station Miyamasuzaka Exit 7 minutes on foot Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line, Fukutoshin Line "Shibuya" Station Exit 11 5 minutes on foot
business hours 10:00-17:00
Regular holiday Tue, Sat, Sun, Holidays
TEL/FAX 03-5469-7570 / 03-5469-7572
toll-free 0120-180-521