Amakusa black beef offal MIX raw food (frozen product)

Amakusa black beef offal MIX raw food (frozen product)

Amakusa black beef offal MIX raw food (frozen product)

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"Amakusa Black Beef" is the base of Japanese brand wagyu beef, such as Matsusaka beef and Tajima beef.
In addition, it is a condition that the meat quality grade is 3 or higher after being raised in the Amakusa region for the entire period.
As the old saying goes, “same thing is the same thing”, there is a way of thinking that in order to heal a bad part of the body, it is good to eat the same food as the bad part.

Heart (Heart)

Rich in vitamins, iron, zinc and taurine

♦ Liver

Known as a treasure trove of nutrients, it is rich in essential amino acids and vitamin A.

Ooma (stomach)

The third stomach of ruminant cows.
Rich in digestive enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, vitamin B, zinc, etc.

♦ Achilles

Rich in collagen, elastin (moisturizing ingredient), chondroitin, and vitamin K

It is recommended for puppies who have strong likes and dislikes and do not eat food, senior puppies with decreased appetite, and puppies fed with raw meat.

raw materials Amakusa Kuroge Wagyu Beef, Gold Jersey Beef (heart, liver, omasum, Achilles)
Country of origin Japan
expiry date Separately stated (180 days from manufacture)
Salary Both raw and cooked
Internal capacity 100g
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