Vegekari dried vegetables & horse meat (Kumamoto horse meat)

What is Kumamoto horse meat?

Horse meat raised in Kumamoto, Canada, is carefully smoked using the hot air drying method (low temperature drying for 6 to 12 hours). Horse meat is "high protein, low calorie" and contains plenty of linoleic acid and linolenic acid that lower cholesterol. The unsaturated fatty acids contained in fat have the function of regulating the amount of neutral fat and cholesterol, and in recent years it contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are popular as supplements. It is also rich in vitamins, and is said to be about 3 times more than pork and 20 times more than beef.

one of the commitments

best meat horse

There are various types of horses, but carefully selected horses raised in a contracted factory from Canada are imported alive by air and delivered to contracted farms. In addition to pasture grass, they are fed with a blend of over 10 types of grains such as wheat and corn.

Two commitments

The most suitable fattening environment

In the great nature of Aso, on a large dedicated farm of tens of thousands of tsubos, in addition to grass, 10 kinds of grains are blended and subsoil water drawn from underground water is bred.

Part 3 of commitment

Thorough quality control

This factory specializes in horse meat, and we carry out integrated production from slaughter to processing. We have a slaughterhouse dedicated to horses, thoroughly manage safety and quality, and complete all processes without exposure to the outside air.


Vegkari Dried Vegetables & Horse Lineup

Healthy support for the intestinal environment

  • have constipation or diarrhea
  • Excrement may vary in shape, color, smell, etc.
  • Stressful (not exercising enough, spending a lot of time at home, being prescribed antibiotics, etc.)
  • getting sick lately
  • approaching senior
Purple sweet potato :
Contains insoluble and soluble dietary fiber to support the health of the intestinal environment
Carrot :
Rich in dietary fiber that aids intestinal function
Lotus root :
Contains mucin that protects the intestinal wall
Cabbage :
Contains vitamin U, which is also used in gastrointestinal medicines

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Healthy from inside the detox body

  • have an illness. are going to the hospital
  • I am concerned about body odor, bad breath, and ear odor
  • I often get tar in my eyes, I'm worried about tear stains
  • I'm worried about the stickiness of my skin
  • lick your feet
Potatoes :
Well-balanced content of vitamins and dietary fiber
Black ginseng :
About 1.5 times more beta-carotene and about 5 times more vitamin C than normal carrots
Burdock :
Water-soluble plant, rich in fiber, maintains healthy blood and liver function
Chinese cabbage :
Contains well-balanced nutrients

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Improving the immune system Stay healthy and healthy

  • vomiting, blood loss, etc.
  • Hair loss, swelling, skin diseases, etc.
  • Weight loss, excessive drinking and urination, restlessness
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea
  • lethargy, loss of appetite, fever
  • Feeling lethargic, easily tired, shortness of breath, etc.
Sweet potato :
nutritionally balanced food
Celery :
Refreshing aroma and dietary fiber support health
Red turnip :
Red vegetables are highly nutritious!
Rich in vitamins, iron and dietary fiber
Pumpkin :
Rich in vitamin ACE, which is most necessary for a healthy life

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