Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken (Amakusa Daioh)

What is Amakusa Daio

Amakusa Daio, which became extinct in the early Meiji period, was successfully restored after 8 years by crossing with Kumamoto's "Chamo" and "Kumamoto Cochin" by bringing in "Lanshan" chickens, which are native to northern China, from the United States.
It is worthy of the name "great king", and the largest male is 90 cm tall and weighs about 7 kg, and has a dignified appearance.
The meat of Amakusa Daioh is neither too hard nor too soft, and is characterized by its exquisite texture, elasticity, and juiciness. It has a good reputation for its deliciousness.

nutritional value

The main ingredients of Amakusa Daio are high-quality protein (9 kinds of essential amino acids), high-quality collagen in chicken skin, and 10 times more vitamin A, which is necessary for health, compared to other chicken.

The difference between free-range chicken and other chickens

Chicken is mainly classified into "broiler", "brand chicken" and "local chicken".
Looking at the ratio of chicken production in Japan as a whole, 50% is broiler, 49% is brand chicken, and only 1% is free-range chicken.

 Broiler :
Young chickens for meat, raised in large-scale poultry houses and the most widely distributed chickens.

 Brand chicken : (Representative examples: Oyama chicken, Boso herb chicken, red chicken Satsuma, Mikawa red chicken, etc.)
Even if it is a Japanese chicken or a foreign chicken, the pedigree is less than 50%, and the breeding method, number of days, feed content, etc. are devised to raise the level of broiler chicken.

 Free- range chicken : (Representative examples: Nagoya Cochin chicken, Hinai chicken, Awaodori chicken, etc.)
Chickens that meet the conditions stipulated by Japanese Agricultural Standards (specified JAS), such as breed and breeding period.

Breeding environment of Amakusa Daio

They are raised freely in the rich natural environment of Aso with carefully selected feed and underground water rich in minerals.
In addition, the breeding environment is also a breeding farm that has acquired a specific JAS of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries standards.
The number of chickens raised per tsubo is close to half that of normal broilers.
The breeding days are more than 120 days, which is surprising.

quality management

Amakusa Daio is produced and processed under a thorough management system at a factory that has passed the standards by acquiring "Specific JAS standard for free-range chicken *1 ", "HACCP *2 ", and "Halal certification *3 ". I'm here.

*1 “Specified JAS standards for free-range chicken” refers to foods that meet JAS standards (specific JAS standards) for special production and manufacturing methods, and that have characteristics such as quality compared to standard products of the same type. It is attached to foods that meet the JAS standard.
*2 “HACCP” is a food satellite management method developed in the 1960s to ensure the safety of American food.
*3 “Halal certification” is a system that proves that the product is cooked and manufactured in accordance with Islamic precepts.

Vegkari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Lineup

Healthy support for the intestinal environment

  • have constipation or diarrhea
  • Excrement may vary in shape, color, smell, etc.
  • Stressful (not exercising enough, spending a lot of time at home, being prescribed antibiotics, etc.)
  • getting sick lately
  • approaching senior
Purple sweet potato :
Contains insoluble and soluble dietary fiber to support the health of the intestinal environment
Carrot :
Rich in dietary fiber that aids intestinal function
Lotus root :
Contains mucin that protects the intestinal wall
Cabbage :
Contains vitamin U, which is also used in gastrointestinal medicines

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Healthy from inside the detox body

  • have an illness. are going to the hospital
  • I am concerned about body odor, bad breath, and ear odor
  • I often get tar in my eyes, I'm worried about tear stains
  • I'm worried about the stickiness of my skin
  • lick your feet
Potatoes :
Well-balanced content of vitamins and dietary fiber
Black ginseng :
About 1.5 times more beta-carotene and about 5 times more vitamin C than normal carrots
Burdock :
Water-soluble plant, rich in fiber, maintains healthy blood and liver function
Chinese cabbage :
Contains well-balanced nutrients

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Improving the immune system Stay healthy and healthy

  • vomiting, blood loss, etc.
  • Hair loss, swelling, skin diseases, etc.
  • Weight loss, excessive drinking and urination, restlessness
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea
  • lethargy, loss of appetite, fever
  • Feeling lethargic, easily tired, shortness of breath, etc.
Sweet potato :
nutritionally balanced food
Celery :
Refreshing aroma and dietary fiber support health
Red turnip :
Red vegetables are highly nutritious!
Rich in vitamins, iron and dietary fiber
Pumpkin :
Rich in vitamin ACE, which is most necessary for a healthy life

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