Pet-Cool Online Shop Renewal Open Notice

Thank you for using Pet-Cool Online Shop.

We have renewed our online shop.
We have renewed the design and system from the conventional shop so that customers can use it comfortably.

Thank you for your interest in the new Pet-Cool online shop.

[For existing members]

Due to the renewal of the online shop, the email address and input information of customers who are currently registered will be transferred as they are.
For security reasons, login passwords cannot be transferred.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please set the password again.

Click here to set your password

(From the new member registration page, you can complete the password setting by registering as a member with the email address you registered at the old shop.
In that case, there is no need to re-enter the input information such as address.)

We will continue to aim for an online shop that customers can use comfortably, so please continue to support Pet-Cool.