Body care spray

Body care spray

Body care spray

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Electrolyzed water made from 100% natural water. It has excellent penetrating power and is ideal for removing dirt.

BodyCare's penetrating and emulsifying effects remove (penetrate) dirt deep into the pores and emulsify the oil without using chemicals, giving you a shampoo-like cleansing effect. Easy to use every day.

Care for sensitive skin/Remove stains around the eyes and mouth/Mouth area after meals/Inside ears/Remove stains after walking/Instead of shampoo for young and old dogs/Shampoo For body care afterward / for removing slime from dishes

Internal capacity 300ml
safety data Japan Food Research Laboratories/Life Science Research Institute/Nippon Veterinary and Animal Science University:Clinical completed
component 100% natural water
liquid Alkaline / pH: 12
Expiration date Labeled on the bottle.
3 years unopened, 1 year at room temperature after opening.
Avoid storing in places with high temperatures and humidity and direct sunlight.
Precautions for use ・There is a white sediment, but it is a crystal of natural mineral ingredients. There is no problem with quality, so please shake before use.
・Please refrain from using it for medical purposes.
・There may be a smell of alcohol only when spraying for the first time, but there is no problem with quality.
・Do not use excessive amounts or put it in your eyes or mouth.
・If the product does not suit your skin or constitution, discontinue use.


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