Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Immune Support

Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Immune Support
Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Immune Support
Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Immune Support
Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Immune Support

Vegekari Dried Vegetables & Chicken Immune Support

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stay healthy and healthy forever

Carefully selected domestically-produced functional vegetables and legendary free-range chicken "Amakusa Daio" are carefully finished using the hot air drying method.
This special manufacturing method allows you to enjoy the texture, flavor, and aroma of raw vegetables when rehydrated in hot water.

【Product Features】
Dried vegetables and phantom free-range chicken "Amakusa Daio" are used luxuriously with consideration for a healthy life.

Rich in vitamin ACE, which is necessary for health, beta-carotene (vitamin A) maintains the health of the body and keeps immunity.
【sweet potato】
It also contains unique ingredients such as "ganclicid", "yalapin", and "amide", making it a very nutritionally balanced ingredient.
[Red turnip]
Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C minerals, iron, and dietary fiber, it supports daily health.
About 40 kinds of fragrance ingredients are included, including apiin and apioil, and these ingredients maintain health.

[What is the legendary local chicken “Amakusa Daio”?]
Amakusa Daio, which became extinct in the early Meiji period, was successfully restored after 8 years by ordering the "Lanshan breed" of chickens native to northern China from the United States and crossing them with "Kumamoto gamechamo" and "Kumamoto cochin".
The main ingredients of Amakusa Daio are high-quality protein (9 kinds of essential amino acids), high-quality collagen in chicken skin, and 10 times more vitamin A, which is necessary for health, compared to other chicken.
In addition, Amakusa Daio has acquired the certification of "specific JAS standards for free-range chicken", and the production of safe and secure free-range chicken is thorough, and Amakusa Daio is produced and processed under a strict management system.

【raw materials】
Pumpkin, sweet potato, red turnip, celery, Amakusa daioh dried meat, CPL (cyclic polymerized lactic acid)
[Target age]
For all ages [How to give]
Give it directly, or soak it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes and then mix it with your meal.
[Estimated salary]
Salaries vary according to age, weight and physical condition. Be careful not to give too much.
[Country of origin/processing]
Japan [expiration date]
After opening for 15 months, store in a cool and dark place and consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

Internal capacity 60g
Precautions for use 【Notes】
・It is a snack for pets. Please do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
・If you are allergic, please check the raw materials before giving.
・Do not store in direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
・Please refrain from using if it does not suit your constitution.
・Keep out of reach of infants and children.
・Vegetables may vary in color depending on the harvest time.
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